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Journey's Creations & Photography

Life is a precious gift filled with many wonderful, memorable milestones that can be too easily forgotten. My goal is to capture unique images of life's beautiful seasons for each and every client and preserve the beloved memories of today for years to come.

The gifts of the seasons

Spring- The beginning of life. Life in the womb, followed by the miracle of birth. Childhood youth is the very definition of wonder, amazement, excitement, and of course fun. There are so many special memories to be captured in this season.

Summer-  A time of preparation for the future. A season of growing. Growing ourselves in love, wisdom, family, and spirit. The days are long and often consumed by the labor of work, children, stress and busy schedules. The memories fly by quickly during this season.

Fall- A time to treasure. Children are moving on, beginning their own lives, their own creations, and their own memories. Still keeping alive the memories of themselves by seeing them relived in grandchildren. Life changes but is just as precious in this season of harvesting blessings.

Winter- The days of appreciation and wisdom. Youth is long gone. Love still remains. The gift of life is cherished now more than ever. A time to sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor, to observe younger generations as they move through their own seasons of life. A time to call upon your own special memories.

My desire is to provide professional quality images for all of life's seasons. Exquisite photos for you to proudly display, share with friends and family, and preserve the amazing gift of life.

There is no art more beautiful than a memory. And one day these dirty little faces, elderly smiles, and young love stricken eyes will be just that, a memory.

I am honored to be a part of preserving life and photographically documenting life's precious milestones for my clients. I encourage you to bring special personal items such as blankets/quilts, stuffed animals, live animals or family heirlooms to be photographed with, to add additional significance to your portraits.

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